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It’s High Time We End Coca-Cola’s Corruption, Violence and Other Abuses Against Labor, Human Rights and the Environment

Schools worldwide are Coke’s most vital markets where millions become addicted to their brand name.This website is about students and faculty standing up against a corporate predator in an effort to end the abuses. Learn more by:

Campaign to Stop Killer Coke
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"Dispatches: Mark Thomas
on Coca-Cola"

Investigative reporter and activist Mark Thomas reports in this nationally televised documentary, which aired on Channel 4 in the U.K., on how Coca-Cola has caused problems in the world with pollution, worker exploitation, child labor and even death. The documentary also reports on how Coca-Cola responds to these allegations.


"The Coca-Cola Case” (Synopsis)

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Two lawyers and labor rights’ activists, Daniel Kovalik of the United Steel Workers of America and Terry Collingsworth of the International Rights Advocates, and their partner Ray Rogers of Corporate Campaign firmly believe that US multinational corporations should be held accountable for their unethical and illegal practices and those of their business partners and affiliates throughout the world. In the battle, the lawyers resort to a law dating back to the origin of the American Constitution – The Alien Tort Claims Act – which allows foreigners to file suit in the U.S. against Americans who violate international laws. The film tells the story of their fight against one of America’s stellar icons: The Coca-Cola company.

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Students Standing Up for Human Rights

Join the fight by helping to make your university, school or campus Coca-Cola free.