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Correspondence, Commentary, Corrections

Correspondence, Commentary, Corrections

WestView News March 2014

Dear Editor,


It’s no secret that NYU’s land grabbing schemes have upset many residents and NYU faculty. But other issues involving scandals and lack of ethics by administrators and board members continue to plague NYU and besmirch its reputation. Both President John Sexton and NYU Trustee Barry Diller have exhibited unbridled greed and dishonesty in the face of exorbitant tuition rates and reprehensible corporate crimes.

In 2005, NYU pledged to protect human rights by kicking Coca-Cola off campus in light of revelations of Coke’s complicity in human rights abuses and ongoing cover-ups from Latin America to India and the U.S. NYU brought Coke back in 2009 because it embarrassed the old boys’ network and didn’t fit in with the interests of CocaCola board member Diller, who has amassed $160,000,000 of Coca-Cola stock. It’s time for NYU to dump Coke, dump Diller and reaffirm its commitment to human rights and social justice.

Ray Rogers

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